My journey as a film-maker originally began in TV production, where I spent 10 years as a Producer/Assistant Producer, covering a variety of genres for several UK channels, including BBC, ITV, Living, and Live, being involved in a diverse variety of programming, including live and pre-recorded shows - from daytime entertainment and music programmes, to current affairs and documentaries. Following this, I moved into music video production for several London based companies and then freelanced as a Creative Producer/Director and Editor.
I created Shiny Things Productions in 2009, as a hub for my own and other's work that I'm involved in, producing films, directing music promos and filming live events -  working either as a solo Videographer for smaller projects or bringing in talented crew for larger productions.

I've produced several short films, directed, produced and edited music videos and released two distributed feature films. Most recently 'Pictures of Lily', was released online on various platforms in September 2019. In between making films, I freelance as an Editor, Creative Producer and Photographer.

For the past 2 years I've been editing for TV Channels covering different genres, from documentaries, chat shows, music and commercial promos and produce/edit a weekly sports based chat show.

I have a passion and commitment for bringing projects and stories to life - whether it’s a script that I develop into a film, or capturing the emotion and storytelling in a photograph or edit. I strive towards making interesting, innovative content, regardless of genre.